Antea and G.R. Stucker & Associates Announce Partnership Enabling Scalable Digital Transformation for Mechanical Integrity Programs

Houston, Texas. May, 2023. | Antea, a global leader in risk-based asset integrity management (AIM) software with 3D digital twin, has forged a partnership G.R. Stucker & Associates (GRSA), a full-service, multi-discipline engineering company providing a complete range of services from design, construction and commissioning through to process safety management and risk based inspection (RBI) implementation. The partnership combines Antea’s next generation software solutions with GRSA’s engineering and consulting expertise to help operators achieve digital transformation in a scalable, cost-effective manner.

GRSA’s engineering expertise and owner operator experience make them uniquely qualified to guide plants as they digitalize asset data and mechanical integrity processes. Their engineers are equipped to develop the framework and procedural background that can drive practices once AIM software is implemented, as well as offer analysis on inspection results that come in. While RBI is a specialty of the company, GRSA also provides risk analysis options that do not require full RBI implementation – including assigning risk to equipment and evergreening the asset data.

Antea is a globally trusted provider of AIM and inspection data management software (IDMS) that utilizes 3D Point Cloud and Digital Twin for instant visualization of asset conditions. Antea RBI has been globally validated by major regulatory bodies and is congruent with API 580 and API 581. The company’s software helps companies bridge the gap between informational technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), creating a single collaborative database from which all departments can instantly access and contextually visualize real-time data. Antea’s technology for visualization supports the engineering expertise of GRSA, creating an end-to-end solution for operators.

Owner operators can leverage this partnership as a scalable, cost-effective means to achieve digital transformation – with expert guidance on establishing the correct procedural background and implementation of the most digitally advanced mechanical integrity (MI) technologies on the market. This in turn will reduce inspection and maintenance costs, promote longevity of equipment lifecycles, reduce onsite resource requirements, mitigate risk, and enable instant access to actionable intelligence for enhanced decision making.

“Alone, we can achieve great things, but together we can transform the Asset Integrity industry,” says Floyd Baker, Vice President of Antea Americas. “This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration, enabling scalable digital transformation for mechanical integrity programs. Together, we pave the way for innovation and efficiency in ensuring the safety, integrity, and environmental responsibility of our customers.”


“Mechanical INTEGRITY.  It’s the name of our game, both in skill and in our mission,” says Jared Williamson, P.E., Lead Mechanical Integrity Engineer for GRSA. “As engineering professionals, we are called on by the Code of Ethics, industry standards, and fundamental moral law to maintain integrity in everything we do.  From detailed engineering analysis to basic risk classification… we deliver INTEGRITY. This partnership serves our commitment to providing the highest quality and reliability to our clients.”


For more information about Antea’s AIM and inspection data management solutions with digital twin, visit:

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About Antea

Antea specializes in highly flexible RBI-driven asset integrity management software solutions with 3D digital twin and mobility. Since 1989, Antea has facilitated digital transformation for operators of process plants in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries worldwide. The company’s innovative engineering and IoT technologies deliver one-click access to intelligent asset data for improved maintenance, reliability, and risk mitigation. Antea solutions are backed by data management services for complete support from implementation through to sustainable operations.

About GRSA

GRSA is proud to serve as a one-stop-shop engineering team, providing tailored solutions to businesses of all types.  Our team of experienced engineers works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and to deliver efficient, sustainable, and scalable solutions.  What started as a process and design company over 50 years ago, is now a full-service team that offers turn-key solutions, from concept and cost estimates through detailed design, construction assistance, commissioning, process safety management, and mechanical integrity program development/management. Our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction is reflected in everything we do.



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