We believe in giving back to the engineering community that shaped us, and in helping to shape the next generation of innovative chemical engineers. That is why we are proud to announce our collaboration with the University of Padua in Italy to offer two subject-area-related scholarships for Chemical and Process Engineering, to be awarded to deserving recipients embarking upon the same journey our own founders once began.

History of Collaboration with University of Padua

As a Bronze Donor to this esteemed University, Antea has been contributing to the education of engineers since 2012 via ongoing collaboration with the University’s Department of Engineering. For two decades, our contributions have manifested as collaborative work in the risk-based-inspection (RBI) field for the advancement of RBI software technology, and financial donations in support of the Engineering Department. Now, we are proud to increase our support via two exclusive scholarships for Chemical and Process Engineering.

To learn more about the Antea scholarships, and/or to apply, visit: https://www.unipd.it/en/scholarships