RBI & Bureau Veritas Italia

Bureau Veritas approves Antea RBI software

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a process that identifies, assesses and maps industrial risks (due to corrosion and stress cracking). These risks can compromise equipment integrity in both pressurized equipment and structural elements. RBI assesses an asset’s likelihood of failure (LOF) versus its consequence of failure (COF) in order to determine which piece of equipment is at most risk of incident. This allows operators to prioritize the inspection scheduling accordingly. It uses risk as the primary metric to determine inspection intervals instead of time. In today’s highly competitive market, it has become a priority for continuous operations to avoid any unplanned shutdowns.

Antea is pleased to announce that Bureau Veritas Italia has adopted Antea RBI Software for its risk based inspection studies.

The Antea RBI Software has been developed together with the University of Padova Chemical Department and is compliant with API 580, 581 and other regulations.

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